im so gay for the mechanic girl

this is some lord of the flies shit

bye jasper

luv that wells

clarke is queer as fuck

like. k. with pilots im really conflicted because on one hand, there are so many things going into them that can make them really shitty (the show is testing waters, its trying to find its footing, the writers might not know how long of a show theyll get, etc etc) regardless of how good the show actually ends up being and i try to keep that in mind because even my fave shows have had less than stellar pilots (and by extension early season episodes) 

but on the other hand its like……………….this is our introduction to the show and its characters and obviously not everyone is gonna stick around for even more than 20 minutes, let alone another episode, if its a shitty intro. because pilots are the hook that u wanna get us viewers caught on & the whole point of them is to get a feel of the show??? so pilots are really tricky and i always end up feeling like an unfair judge bc of this :| 

i started the 100 and im pretty early into it (abt 10 ish minutes) so im hoping im just being too judgemental but jesus christ its. so bad

my choices for tv tonight are

  • catching up on gravity falls
  • starting the 100 
  • or just rewatching ozymandias with commentary tbh